More Support. More Learning.

East Brooklyn Community High School is a small, academically rigorous high school that prepares students for college, meaningful employment, healthy personal and family relationships, and participation in the life of their communities. East Brooklyn High School is a transfer school that is designed to help students who have fallen behind in credit accumulation get back on track and earn a high school diploma.

Collaboration with SCO Family of Services

East Brooklyn Community High School is a collaboration between the DOE and SCO Family of Services; our curriculum and programs build on SCO’s comprehensive range of neighborhood and community based services that sustain families and children. The academic program utilizes innovative and project-based instructional strategies that prepare students to pass Regents exams and develop the skills needed for post-secondary options.

EBCHS Provides students with a supportive and personalized learning environment. Our school features:

  • Small class sizes. Each class is limited to 20-25 students. Total enrollment is no more than 200.

  • Individualized relationships. Each student is paired with an Advocate Counselor who provides guidance and support as they set and achieve realistic goals.

  • Highly qualified staff. Our teachers are experienced in addressing individual learning needs and designing projects that are connected to students’ interests.

  • EBCHS is a newly renovated, single-stop site.

EBCHS offers students a chance to grow! Students are encouraged to set goals inside and outside the classroom.

We provide young people with opportunities to:

  • Share their voice and contribute to the life of the school.

  • Form positive relationships with adults in school and in the community.

  • Participants in paid internships and community service projects.

  • Explore interests and talents in a fun, creative and supportive learning environment.

  • Plan for the future. Students receive personal, one-on-one guidance with college, vocational training and career opportunities.